How To Transform Boring Photos Into Picture-Perfect Photos Using Color Correction?

As a photographer, your objective is to get perfect shots to help reduce the time you spend editing them using a Picture background remover. But despite all these efforts, you may end up with an overexposed object and, in some other cases, an oversaturated one. In some other instances, the photo may capture unwanted elements in the background, which you must try to remove. Such photos may be boring, so you need to cut out the background to correct the issue.

However, you can use color correction to help you transform the photo into something pleasing. The color correction option allows you to remove unwanted elements and add drama to the photo. You may do this using Photoshop software such as Adobe or lightroom. Read on to learn how to transform some boring picture into something perfect using the color correction option.

Adjusting Color

Balance When you want your photo to look soft and dramatic, you may need to adjust the color balance. If the photo looks yellowish, adjusting the image’s white or gray balance is likely to correct the mistake. Color correction ensures that you get pure white or gray images.

If you decide to adjust the white color, all you need to do is reduce the amount of yellow cast on the image. If you manage to achieve a pastel background, you may need to add more colors to grade it. Here you need some level tools to help you add colors. Choose those colors that blend with the background of the photo. Also, it should add some contrast to make the subject pop out. Also, you may need to add some masking to enhance the haze effect.

Color correction is the first step in enhancing a photo. It improves the accuracy of the color and makes the photo look dynamic, artistic, and better. Color-correction can be undertaken in two stages; when taking the short or during the editing phase.

Color Correction When Taking the Photo

A colored photo is based on the photographic toe, colorization, color modification, and adjusting the balance between the white, black, or gray.

Importance of Color correction

It is intended to help increase the brightness of the image. It entails adjusting color and adding effects. When you shoot a photo in some unique circumstances, it may not achieve the desired requirements. As such, you need to use the color correction process to correct any discrepancies

Firstly, you need to open the image in Photoshop and navigate the level or curve adjustment layer. Each of these layers has an auto button, which you can use in Photoshop to make adjustments if you select the automatic mode automatically. It helps to increase the fineness of the image.

Once the automatic mode is set, you may hold Alt and click on the auto button. An auto-color correction tool will be featured on the screen. The tool helps in correcting image colors. This option corrects color in four ways:

  • Enhances brightness and contrast
  • Finding the light and the dark colors
  • Enhancing per channel contrast
  • Enhancing monochromatic contrast

Finding the light and the dark colors is the most used option in color correction. You need to click on the default button and press ok to create a curve adjustment layer. You will then need to click on the auto button. Once you do this, Photoshop will automatically adjust the color.

However, if you don’t get the desired results in balancing the white color, Photoshop can still help you do this. The software is designed to assist in color correction. If you don’t get the desired results, follow the procedure below:

Set Up The White, Black, And Grey Point

Lounge your photoshop and select the image from the desktop. Open the image of the photo you want to adjust in photoshop software. Navigate to the adjustment layer and click threshold. While in the threshold, move the points from the white area to the black area using an adjustment slider. The action helps to reveal the original color of the photo. Use the turn-off icon found in the threshold layer. However, ensure the visibility of this layer is turned on.

Checking the Details in the Color Simplifier Layer

Go to the curve icon and move to the eye droppers where the white, grey and black pointers are displayed. Click on the black point. Follow the same procedure to fix the white and the grey points. However, ensure that you create a new layer before you try to change the colors in the photo. The tip helps you balance the white color in photoshop and achieve smooth images that will transform the boring pictures into beautiful images.

Final thoughts

Image manipulation appears unique, especially to newbie photographers. However, the process can help you transform images into something you will love in a short period. Do not discard photos you consider boring. Use Photoshop software to make them unique and eye-catching. If this does not give you the desired results, try BG remover online.