How Can You Erase Background From Image?

If you are a photographer, background removal is one of the techniques to use to manipulate your photos. It helps eliminate unwanted objects from the background to make them stunning and outstanding. Using a Background Remover is necessary if it is white and you want to save your online customers from eye stress. Also, you may want to remove items that distract the customer from the image. So how can one remove the background in a photo?

Photoshop has gone through tremendous changes in the past decade. It has made removing the background from images in photoshop easier and stress-free. But you must choose the best Background Eraser Online if looking forward to getting good results. Read on to see some of the methods you can use to remove a background from the image.

Using the Object Selection Tool

The object selection tool is a remarkable feature which has been incorporated into photoshop. The tool uses Adobe Sensi AI technology to adjust the background in a photo. It selects the subject and allows you to Erase Background from the Image.

To use the tool, open the photo in photoshop and click on the object selection tool on the left side of the toolbar. Hover the cursor over the object until it turns blue. But there are instances when it refuses to turn blue. So, you need to move the cursor in those tiny circles to make it turn blue. Once it is blue, the object is ready for selection. You can now erase the background by pressing the shift key and select the subject you want to keep.

Go to select>inverse; it helps you select the background to delete.

You may unlock the Image so that it is not considered part of the background by clicking on the lock in the image layer on the right-hand side. The layer name changes to ‘’0’’. You will then need to click the eraser tool, pick the brush, and use it to erase the background.

Using Quick Action To Remove The Background

If you are in a hurry and interested in a perfect job, you may use Quick Action to help Delete Background from the Image. It is the best tool to use if there is a high contrast between the background and the subject. It is also the best option if the object features simplistic lines.

Steps to follow:

Open the Image in photoshop and right-click on the background layer. Also, click on the duplicate layer for the dialogue box to pop up and allow you to name the layer. Click on the Ok button to finish renaming. You will then need to navigate to the left-hand side of the original layer and click the eye icon appearing on its extreme left to turn the layer off.

Go to your windows, click on the properties panel and open it. Navigate to the layer panel and click remove the background button found under Quick Action.

Quick Action 1 removes the subject, but it does not refine it. Therefore, you may need to use Quick Action 2 to make the final refinements. You can do this by navigating into the mask so that you adjust it as need be.

Removing the Background Using a Background Eraser

It is one of the methods to use to remove a background when working on images that are highly contrasting. The tool gives excellent results if you take your time to use photoshop to do the lifting. Also, the tool is highly effective and will give the desired results if you are not in a hurry.


Open the Image in Photoshop and right-click on its background layer. Click on the duplicate layer and name it in the dialog box. Click the eye icon on the original layer to turn it off. Navigate to the toolbox and select a background eraser. Click on the eraser tool and hold on it to reveal the options you may use to erase the background. Go to the tool options bar and click on the brush icon so as to reveal the brush panel.

Removing the Background Using a Pen Tool

If the contrast between the subject and the background is not so high, the Background eraser and Quick Action may not produce the desired results. As such, it may necessitate that you use the Pen tool. It is among the most tried methods of removing image backgrounds in Photoshop. The tool gives you control of everything you do. However, it may take time to get the desired results.

Using Magnetic Lasso Tool

You can use the tool when the subject and the backgrounds are highly contrasted but feature complex edges. The magnetic tool easily removes the background to allow you to spend more time refining the details.


Select the tool from the toolbox and draw the edges of the subject. The tool will draw the path for you as you move the cursor. Ensure to draw the path around the subject.

Once at the point where you started drawing, you should click on it to turn it into marching ants. Go to select >inverse to make the matching ants run around the Image and click delete. You will end up with gray checkered or white background.

Using the Quick Selection Tool

You may also use the quick selection tool to remove the subject if contrasted and the Image has intricate details. The method is fast and allows for quick refinement. Also, the method detects the color to change and the selections you should make. It is also one of the quickest methods to delete a background from a photo.