Making Photos Transparent

Removing the background from a photo to make it transparent lets you highlight its main features. Also, it allows you to place the photo for various uses, including using it as a backdrop. Also, it allows you to place your subject in a new environment and use it in whatever way you want.
But making the photo transparent may require using BG Remover Online tools such as adobe photoshop, Canva, adobe spark, lunapic, remove bg and Microsoft tools. Also, you may make the background transparent using canva, Adobe Express, lunapic and remove. bg.
There are many reasons why you may want to make your image transparent. You may want to make it transparent to remove distracting background or eliminate a boring backdrop. Similarly, you may remove the background to make the picture look nice. In some other cases, you may want to make the background transparent to use it to create a logo or enhance its look. Further, making an object background transparent allows you to easily edit it in multiple layers. Read on to see how different tools can help you make the background transparent.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop remains the most common software designers use to edit and make a photo transparent. Adobe contains several tools that create beautiful images. Using it is simple and may not require any prior experience. Adobe Sensei’s AI core can help you identify parts of the object that constitute the background. It allows you to remove the background in a few steps.

Adobe Sensei tool allows you to make a transparent background in Photoshop. It is a simple procedure that starts by importing the image into Photoshop. You will then press CTRL+ J to help duplicate the layer. But the method works well if the subject is well defined and stands out from the background. While in the duplicate layer, click on properties to allow you to select the background. Click on the eye icon to view your transparent background layer. You will then need to drop the transparent layer into a background and create other effects to make the subject stand out. Adobe Photoshop allows you to place a colour adjustment layer underneath the transparent layer to create some special effects.

Adobe Express

Adobe Express is another BG Remover Online tool to use to make the background transparent. If the image is in PNG format, the tool will erase everything in the background to make it transparent. It is a free tool that you can use to remove unwanted objects from the background.

Start by clicking the online PNG tool in your window browser to enable you to use the tool. Click on the grey section, import and upload the image in the space for photos. The tool will work on your photo and output a transparent PNG photo.


It is another tool you can use to Cut Out Background and make the image transparent. The tool removes everything in the background and leaves behind a transparent picture.

Open your PowerPoint with the photo whose background you need to make transparent and select the image by tapping on it. Take note of the new tab that gets added to the tab menu. Open the picture format tab and click on the remove the background option. PowerPoint colours the background pink to allow you to select the parts you want to be excluded from the background.


If you do not have prior knowledge in design but desire to create a transparent background and make your photos look sleek, canva is one of the tools you may use. The tool is user-friendly and features drag-and-drop templates. It is a free-to-use tool that will help you create images on Instagram; however, if you want to make the background transparent, you may need the premium version.


It is another quick fix tool that will help you make your picture transparent. LunaPic is a free BG Remover Online tool with basic features, effects and filters. The tool allows you to upload pictures from the computer or URL. Once done, you may need to navigate to edit and choose the transparent background option. You will then need to click on the colours you plan to remove from the background. The tool has additional features that enable the editor to make their work appealing.

It is the latest tool owned by canva but uses AI to cut the background and leave you with transparent results. All you need to do is upload the picture you want to be edited to the website and click on making the background transparent. Also, Remove .bg allows one to drag and drop the file to the tool to enable it to remove the background.

Canva, Pixlr and Adobe photoshop are some online tools you can embrace to remove the background from a photo and make it transparent. You may also use lunapic and PowerPoint to Cut Out Background and make your pictures nice.