Tips and Tricks for Your Ecommerce Photos

Businesses are trying all the tricks in the book to reach out to customers irrespective of where they may be found. It is the reason why everyone is embracing online business because it is not limited by distance or time. The internet allows customers to buy products even when they live thousands of miles away from the seller. Therefore, anyone operating an eCommerce store needs to convince his audience that they sell genuine products. Often customers look at the image of the product before placing an order.

As a result, you must use crisp photos on your eCommerce store to help attract their attention. The photos must be clear and eye-catching. Besides, they must reveal the key features of the product. As such, ensure to use Background Image Remover to enhance product photos.

Notice that a picture passes the message across faster than written words. It enhances conversation and will have 90% of the information transmitted to the brain as soon as it is seen. So your eCommerce store needs to have sleek images to pass the message across. Sometimes, you may need to use software to Remove White Background from Image. Here are tips to help you shoot e-commerce photos that capture the attention of online shoppers.

Have the Right Camera and Quality Product

A professional camera will guarantee you a high-definition image. Alternatively, you may use a good smartphone camera to shoot good product images. However, it is mandatory to ensure enough lighting in the background.

Also, to take a good product image, it is necessary to ensure the background colours are either white or gray. There are plenty of things you can do to make the background eye-catching. Firstly, you'll need to arrange the shooting table and strategically put it beside the window. Also, you may need to have sheets or craft paper rolled down to form a background. If the product is bigger than the chair, use a table instead. Tap the paper roll on the wall, and have the room set for eCommerce photography.

Mount The Chair For Perfect Highlights

The chair should be mounted so that it receives most of the natural lights. Besides, consider buying studio light to supplement. In the meantime, ensure you focus the light directly on the object. Check and ensure that the light is sufficient to reduce shadows. It implies that you should never take photos under direct sunlight. Ensure to have two softbox lights set up to regulate the light. To get the best images, ensure the front faces the primary source of light while the back faces the opposite side.

Edit the Images

Ensure your eCommerce photos are well edited even when you shoot using one of the best cameras. Your homemade studio may still have plenty of mistakes that should be removed through editing. Using Background Image Remover to edit photos helps highlight important features and make your eCommerce images stunning. Furthermore, editing removes mannequins, colour and shadows. You can also use it to add shadows to help give the photos a natural look.

Make the Pictures Attractive

Making the pictures attractive is important since it helps drive sales up, especially when selling products online. Therefore, you need to make the photos eye-catching by using Background Image Remover to help remove unwanted items. In addition, ensure to use a high-resolution camera featuring interchangeable lenses to reduce time spent on editing. Finally, your camera should allow one to zoom into the product without losing key features. Use a tripod

A tripod will stabilize your camera and help you create crisp images. It doesn't matter whether you will be using a DSLR or smartphone. The tripod helps stabilize the camera and sharpen the product's images. A tripod removes the blur associated with the shaking of hands. This is vital in helping them create consistent shots.

Seamless Backdrop

Shooting product photos on white background bring out the key product features. Therefore, you must invest in a seamless backdrop to reduce the boundary between the photos' background and surface. But if your products are small, buying white pasteboard will help. However, ensure the board does not shine or reflect light.

For larger products, you must use a stand-mounted sweep. You may improvise the sweep using a poster board. The board should be placed against the table or the wall. Look through the camera lenses and ensure it covers the entire surface in the frame. Do not use coloured backdrops because they leave images with off-color casts.

Make Use Of Artificial Light.

You need not to use artificial light when the sun's bright. However, there are cases where artificial light such as LED will make your work easier. Using natural light reduces the need to Remove White Background from Image for your eCommerce stores. But you must avoid taking photos in direct sunlight. Taking photos in direct sunlight will create dark and unwanted shadows in the final image. Also, natural light changes depending on the time of the day and prevailing weather conditions. As such, plan to shoot photos when it is brightest. It helps you to get consistent images.

Of course, it takes time to learn how to control light in photography. But once you master the art, you will easily control the light faucet to help you take interesting images.

Also, you will need two-three lights depending on the product. It guarantees that the photo room is evenly lit when taking photos which results in the best product features.

To avoid sharp shadows, the light you use at the bottom of your product should be sharp and come from above to give it more depth. Having two to three lights is ideal and will enable you to get the best photography.

In some cases, you may need to use diffuser reflectors. They can help you capture great product images since they help manage the source of light. Also, consider buying a reflector kit alongside the diffuser.

Final Thoughts

Getting the best images for your eCommerce store is a worthwhile exercise. It increases engagement and makes the audience note your product's key features. You may not spend much time editing with a good camera. Also, you need not spend a lot of money on the studio. Pay attention to the lighting and the tools to edit the photos.